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Coin Sorting Machine with Counterfeit Detector L60C

Product Name : Coin Sorting Machine with Counterfeit Detector
Model No. : L60C


(1) Unique advanced alloy sensor solution

(2) Rejection of foreign coins, game tokens, etc.

(3) 4.3″ TFT LCD display

(4) Totals and subtotals in value and number of coins counted

(5) Count up to 16 different denominations

(6) Programmable stop function for bagging and tubing

(7) Unique Counting value mode , at the same time, it can sort one more coin

(8) RS-232 communication interface, can connect computer and printer;

(9) Customer display is available, which will not blink in CCTV camera.

(10) Software upgrade through USB flash

(11) Bagging holder is available.

(12) Painted metal cabinet



* Sorting speed: around 600 coins/min

* Hopper capacity: approx.500-600 coins (with a coin diameter of 21,5 mm and a coin thickness of 1,7 mm)

* Stacking box capacity: 450 coins for 25mm diameter + 1.9mm thickness coin

* Power Source: 230VAC/50Hz, or 110VAC/60Hz

* Power consumption: 60W

* Ambient Temperature: 10℃-40℃

* Ambient Humidity: 35%-75%

* Net Weight: 22KGS

* Dimension: 31(D)*51(W)*48(H)CM


* All the units will be packaged with double boxes

* Single-unit Master Carton Package: 55*73*59CM, 32KGS(Gross)/24KGS(Net)


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