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Multi-Currency Counterfeit Detector SE100AS

Product Name : Multi-Currency Counterfeit Detector
Model No. : SE100AS


* 1 Direction Insert for USD + 4 Direction Insert for another 3-4 Currencies.

* Ready software for the following currencies: EURO, British Pounds, Swiss Franc, Romania, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Israel, Czech, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, etc

* 4 fogery detections: MT, MG, IR, 2D

* Black litback LCD display

* Easy to clean with open-type top cover

* Easy offline software upgrading method via our unique adaptor

* High quality rechargeable battery (Optional)

* Software upgrading cable (Optional)

* Power cable used on a vehicle (Optional)


* Power input: Rechargeable battery, or 12VDC 1.0A via 110-240VAC power adaptor

* Unit dimensions:

* Unit weight: 0.8 KG


* Master carton size :

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